An imaginary newspaper. The headline reads "Muckrakers and Magic in New York"

What is this?

This page is part of a cohesive document, a rules reference for Dangerous Times. You’ll still need to own a copy of the game before playing, but this document should serve as both a preview and a powerful tool for explaining the rules.

Use the table of contents to navigate through the rules. Rules entries contain detailed explanation to clear up any questions that might arise during play, as well as sometimes containing examples of the rule being used.

About the game

Dangerous Times is a storytelling game, played as a conversation between players, with rules and occasional die rolling to keep things interesting.

One player assumes the role of editor and helps to guide other players, who take the role of reporters, through a prohibition-era New York City that’s recently magic.

During this time, reporters who sought to make the world a better place were known colloquially as “muckrakers”. They worked for social change.

Each session plays out as a single issue of the newspaper. Together, players will build rumors and leads, gather evidence, and turn facts into news articles. At the end, players consider the impacts their publication has made, and whether the world changes for the better or the worse.