Gain Access

Once reporters have identified a source of information, they’ll have to “Gain Access” to it. An investigation can be temporarily stalled here.

The Rule

What is it

This rule details a structured roleplaying scene. A dice roll is made first, and depending on the result a reporter’s investigation may move forward or be stalled. After rolling, a quick scene may ensue.

This rule may change which player is the active player.

When to use it

Use this rule any time before interviewing a source.

When not to use it

If the group agrees that access is trivial and without risk (for instance, talking to ones parents), you may skip the dice roll.

If you’ve already gained access to a source, decide as a group whether or not it’d be interesting to do it again.

How it’s done

1. Setup the scene

Decide who you want to gain access to, and then how your reporter plans to try reaching them. Maybe you’ll look for them at work, or use a connection to someone you already know.

2. Roll dice

Roll the dice to determine how things go.

On a 3 or less, you may…

On a 4 or more, you gain access to the source. Play out a quick scene and get ready to [Ask Questions].

Trading influence for access

If you spend credibility to improve your roll, you’ll also have to trade influence for access. This involves your reporter making some sort of deal with someone; maybe with the source, maybe with someone else who can give access to the source.

3. Play out the scene

Play out a quick scene about how you gained access (or failed to gain access). Sketch out the details and tap other players to fill minor roles as necessary.

If you spent Credibility, the scene should involve some kind of promise or bargain for future influence. Trading influence for access commonly involves statements like “Okay, but you owe me one.”

If you accepted being stalled, play out how you were stymied and maybe involve your plans to get around it next time. You gain one point of credibility

4. Move On

If you gained access, you are now free to [Ask Questions] of that source.

If you failed, Take Downtime or Snoop Around.


The reporter may gain one point of Credibility for accepting a stalled outcome.

They may spend credibility to modify their dice roll, at the rate of one to one. Doing so also requires promising someone a favor, trading influence for access.