Player Roles

At its most basic, this game is about telling stories, which players discover together. Everyone is given different ingredients, and nobody knows how it will end until it ends.


What is it

Players in the game take on different roles.

One player assumes the role of editor and helps to guide other players, who take the role of reporters, through a prohibition-era New York City that’s recently discovered magic.


Players taking the role of reporters will investigate leads, make rumors, and get in and out of trouble. When needed, they’ll work together to Find a Source for future investigation.

They have a set of reporter-specific scenes to play during The Investigation:

Reporters will also respond to Trouble by Facing Danger

Reporters are each responsible for a specific focus within New York, defined by their Info Sheets. When players collaborate to Find a Source, one player will take the roll of the newly created character in upcoming scenes.

The Editor

One player takes the role of the editor; they’ll use Risk, Trouble, and Archetypal Plots to help keep the game interesting.