Rolling Dice

When players want to determine the outcome of a scene, or what happens when their reporter risks danger, they’ll roll the dice.

Rolling Dice

What is it

When the outcome of something is in doubt, an Outcome Roll is made.

There are also several points when players may (optionally) roll dice to help pick something from a list, but no specific rules apply to this; it does not require an approach and can not produce risk.

Outcome Rolls

When to use it?

Outcome rolls occur before before or during a scene, any time an outcome is in doubt. They keep the story interesting by introducing an element of randomness into the game.

When not to use it

Outcome rolls are only for cases where the outcome of something is in doubt.

If you want your reporter to do something, and there’s no question about them being able to do it, no roll is required: you just do it.

How it’s done

While some scenes (notably, Ask Questions) will have their own result table, the most basic rule for outcome rolls is simple:

  • Four or more is a success. Your reporter moves forward in what they were trying to do.
  • Three or less is a stall or setback. Your reporter must find another way to achieve their goal.

There are some additional factors involved:

  • How many dice you roll is determined by your reporter’s Approach.
  • You can spend Credibility to modify a dice roll.
  • Hardships make life difficult by lowering the result of a roll.

In addition, outcome rolls carry Risks: complications that occur when your reporter is doing very well or very poorly. Eventually, these risks will lead to your reporter getting into Trouble.


Rolling dice can trigger risk, a scene that the editor uses to drive the plot towards interesting places.

There are two main ways risk can be rolled. Which of these methods can take place depends on the player’s approach.

Rolling Doubles

One method of increasing risk is by rolling doubles. Any time the player rolls doubles, risk happens.

Rolling a one or a six

Provided the player didn’t uses a cautious approach, rolling a one or a six will cause risk.


Credibility points are something the player can spend to change the outcome of different rolls, after they happen. Each scene has rules regarding how to do that, but the narrative guideline is simple: when you spend credibility, you succeed by doing something incredible.