Staff Meeting

The session begins with a staff meeting, during which players will invent rumors and questions to pursue in the upcoming Investigation.


What is it

During the staff meeting, players brainstorm questions and rumors based on facts presented to them by the editor.

How it’s done

At the start of the staff meeting, the editor will provide a few facts about the world. They might also include a little bit of hearsay to spark creativity.

Players will then collaboratively brainstorm a list of questions about that fact, using the reporter’s staples: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How.

Once a list of questions has been created, everyone take turns making up answers to these questions in the form of rumors.

Rumors take a very specific form: they all start out by stating what a group or organization thinks the answer is.

A good rumor adds new information, but it doesn’t have to be true! That’s what the investigation will find out.

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