Take Downtime

The Rule

Taking downtime is a scene that doesn’t involve a roll. Instead, your reporter may do one of the following:

  • Mend a hardship, if possible. Spend one credibility and narrate how you take care of a hardship, then remove it from your list. Some hardships might not be mendable during a session; the editor has final say.
  • Share information with other reporters. By calling or traveling to where they are, your reporter can exchange info on sources they’ve discovered or offer other information to help. Both players gain one point of credibility.
  • Seek rumors. Find two volunteers, and play a scene where new rumors are created. Use player’s beats as inspiration; all players involved gain a point of credibility.

In Play

How it looks


You may spend a point of credibility to remove a hardship, provided the editor says it makes sense. Some hardships can not be fixed by simple downtime.

Otherwise, You gain one point of credibility for this scene, and so do any other player who take part in it.