Telling Stories

At its most basic, this game is about telling stories, which players discover together. Everyone is given different ingredients, and nobody knows how it will end until it ends.


What is it

The fundamental unit of the story is the scene.

In this game, players will decide what kind of scene they want to happen next, collaborate to sketch out its details, roll dice for direction, then play it out.

Some scenes, like the Staff Meeting, will involve the entire group. Others will focus on the actions of a single reporter, or on the dangerous complications which build up around them.

While those with speaking roles will drive the action of a scene, many details are left open by the rules: anyone playing can contribute during the planning.

How it’s done

The rules for scenes change depending on what kind of scene is occurring.

The Staff Meeting is a free-form brainstorming session, where players can drop in and out of character as necessary.

During The Investigation, a single reporter will begin a scene with a goal (usually to Gain Access, Ask Questions, or Take Downtime), and invite other players to fill speaking roles.

Risks are tiny foreshadowings of later Trouble, both of which being scenes the Editor will use to propel the story forwards.

Finally, Publication will involve many small scenes showing what happens after the newspaper is printed.