The Investigation

During the investigation, a reporter’s turn is structured around verifying a fact or answering a question.


What is it

The investigation is when players turn rumors into fact. Players take turns playing out short scenes involving their investigation.

Players use the dice to decide how a scene will go, then act it out. When they roll Risk, the editor gets to follow their scene with one showing Trouble is brewing.

How it’s done


Reporters tend to split up and focus on different things. This requires some juggling on your part, as unlike real life only one person can be the center of attention at a time.

Find a way of taking turns that works for your group. Maybe that means switching off after every scene, or after risk has been rolled, or only once a new fact has been discovered. Try different things and do what works best.

As players investigate, they start to write down facts and rumors: information they’ve learned over the course of the investigation. Anything players come across can be recorded, but only information that’s produced from Asking Questions or Snooping Around counts as verified.

Throughout the investigation the facts will evolve and change. New facts will be uncovered, old ones overturned.

Once it is time for [publication], players will assemble articles out of facts.

In Play

How it looks

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