Your Character

Players take on the role of reporters, each of which has a specific area of expertise.


Character Sheets

Your character sheet is the main interface between the player and the reporter they’re playing. It’s used to track Credibility, Risks, and your personal details.

Together with the Beat and Home defined by your Info Sheets, it contains the systems you need to play your character.

The character sheet outlines everything you need to know, mechanically, to play the game; it does not contain everything there is to know about your reporter. During play, you’ll tell stories and develop your reporter beyond this mechanical outline into a fully-realized character, with backstory, drama, and relationships.


six circles in a line; three are filled

Credibility is tracked on your character sheet. It’s gained and spent doing interesting things.

Trouble Meter

six lines next to six die faces; four lines have text

Reporters tend to see Trouble coming, even if they don’t know exactly what form it will take.

The trouble meter is where players track Risks and Hardships as they go about their job. Once the meter fills, the next time you roll risk the editor will interrupt your scene: trouble has come calling.

When you clear a Risk from the meter, erase all occurrences of it. In the above example, clearing “Followed” would clear out two empty spaces.

In Play

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